Remember staring at that poster on your bedroom wall of the Ferrari Testarossa? We do. But we've come a long way since then. In fact, we've come a long way from the Ferrari 355, too.

How do we know? We recently spent some quality time with the Ferrari 458 Spider which you can read about here.

Yes, it's drop-dead gorgeous with flowing lines, but it's the way it drives, the noises it makes, the balance, the way it goes around a corner, the feeling you get deep inside you as you drop down two gears and go around the banked turn, it all gives a sensation that few competitors can provide.


Sure, McLaren made the 12C and now the 650s, Porsche has the 911 variants, and Lamborghini has the new Huracán, but none of those give you the same feeling that this Ferrari gives you.

Because it's not just about the specs and numbers, it's the whole experience that really matters.