The "sharing economy" is coming to its logical conclusion: we've already stepped into the cars of our creepy neighbors. Now it's time to eat their cold chicken chicken wings—look, most of the meat is still on those bones! Meet Leftover Swap.

The app's description makes it sound like it'll be a cinch to live like a hobo:

Simply fire up LeftoverSwap, view the available leftovers around you, make your selection, and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Your cheap, local, and community-oriented meal is waiting.

You hate the idea of throwing out food, but also don't want to be eating the same leftovers for the next few days. We understand. You want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and fertilizer as well. We also understand that.

Snap a picture of what you can't eat, name it, and share the rest of your meal. Your neighbors are hungry.


To be absolutely clear, this is truly only one or two thin levels about literally eating from a dumpster on the street. If anyone is so hard up that they're willing to take part of a sandwich from someone they don't know, with all the inherent social and biological risks of eating food waste of unknown origin, then how are they affording an iPhone data plan?

The app's makers say they hope to combat wasteful (over) eating—which is good. But I think there's a simpler solution than trying to get everyone to trade their disgusting excess in some sort of post-apocalyptic cold cut bartering community: just buy less food. Or, try Leftover Swap, and pray your neighbor washed their hands.