My grandma was a Marine during World War II, after she'd worked in an airplane factory in Detroit. She was a Rosie the Riveter and in the military. She entered the Marines following her brothers near the end of the war (not sure exactly when but I think ~1943-4) and worked in the Marine office in Washington. She achieved the rank of corporal.

This is she and my grandfather in 1950. She would've been about 28 and he about 43. (We later learned they met when he was her BUS DRIVER and she was 15 years old but...I digress!)

And this is me with her in 2008 after a ceremony to honor war vets:


She's now 92 years old, lives in a nursing home, and still absolutely adores being a Marine and telling people she is one. She wears Marine hats, shirts, jackets, etc. and always did get offended when people in the veterans groups thought she was somebody's wife. She's the vet, damn it! Her home did a special thing for her today when they honored all the vets and I wish I could have been there. She wants to be buried in her military uniform, but nobody has the heart to tell her that we don't have it (nobody's ever seen it and my mom has ripped through everything she owns trying to find it).

Love you, grandma! And thanks to all the other vets out there and the families of vets who also sacrifice (I know we've got a couple of you on GT at least).